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Express Tunnel Car Wash Supplies

Express tunnel car washes have grown significantly in popularity in the last couple decades, with equipment and systems becoming progressively more advanced and refined. Tunnels are capable of processing a high volume of vehicles quickly, so they’ve become attractive to both existing car wash operators looking for a different approach to washing, as well as new owners that recently entered the industry because of the incredible business opportunity that tunnels offer.

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Finding a Trusted Supplier for Your Express Car Wash

Although tunnels offer incredible convenience and performance to customers, they require a lot of attention from owners to service and maintain their system and remain well-stocked with supplies needed for tunnel operation. Conveyors that move cars need to be constantly monitored both for the safety of customers and to avoid damage to other equipment. Tunnel brushes need to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis to provide proper cleaning and avoid scratching and swirling on car surfaces. Those are just a couple of the challenges faced by tunnel car wash operators. Luckily, we’re here to help! We have decades of car wash experience and all the express tunnel supplies you need to keep things running smoothly.