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Express Tunnel Towels

Do you need to invest in quality towels at your tunnel? You might be surprised at the answer. While drying agents and blowers at the end of tunnels do a pretty good job of getting rid of most post-wash water, there will always be a little bit left over – especially in tight awkward spots that hot air can’t quite hit. Many tunnel car wash customers still want their vehicle to be hand-dried with towels after completing their wash. In a full-service model, this can be achieved with a wipe down by employees after customers exit the tunnel. For express-type models or washes with limited or no employees, or in instances where people prefer to only have their hands on their vehicles, customers do their own towel drying.

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Helpful Tips for Towels Used at Express Car Washes

Customers often towel-dry their vehicle at vacuum stations or in the parking lot. It’s a good idea to have designated spots to pick up and return towels to keep things organized, whether it be done by the customer on their own or by an employee maintaining the area. In some cases, car washes use a towel replacement program where members are provided a high-quality towel that they can take with them for as long as they want, then return it during their next visit and get a fresh one.

You should also consider giving away a totally free courtesy towel to customers – an attractive benefit and a relatively inexpensive way to set your wash apart from others.