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Auto Detailing Supplies

Recondition vehicles using our professional car detailing products to help keep cars looking like new longer. Interior and exterior detailing goes steps beyond standard car washing. It involves restoring paintwork to get rid of scratches and swirl marks. We also have professional products for polishing, buffing, brushing, and vacuuming all available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices to maximize savings for your detailing business.

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Get Car Detailing Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Kleen-Rite is your wholesale distributor for car detailing equipment, chemicals, and brushes from top brands, like Meguiar's, Mothers, Armor All, and Simoniz! Enjoy the lowest prices on equipment like Rupes and Flex polishers and Mytee extractors. While excellent for detail shops, car care enthusiasts can also use these bulk supplies to get quality results at wholesale prices!

Bulk Mobile Detailing Products & Equipment

Mobile detailing has become a popular choice for those looking to start a business without a physical location, where you bring the pro detailing equipment and expertise directly to clients and customers at their preferred location. Read our How to Start a Mobile Detailing Business blog to learn more before you get started!

If you need help finding the right car detailing tools and products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact the Kleen-Rite team.

Detailing FAQs

In some cases, the answer is yes, but there are different types of scratches on cars. If the scratch is only on the immediate clear coat, it can be easily polished out while detailing. If the scratch is at the primer level (the layer below the clear coat), it will require more effort but can likely be removed by an experienced detailer. If the scratch reaches down to the actual paint, it will not be fixable through the detailing process and a repair and pain job will be necessary.

While a standard tool bench might work in some circumstances, detailers generally need their tools to be easily transportable. You might need to move around the vehicle, or in some cases, even need to do some of the work outside the shop. A cart or caddy is extremely helpful when you need that ability to move around without returning to a permanent bench or shelf over and over again. Good carts and caddies have durable construction and sturdy wheels that will stand up to the demands of constant detailing work.

Most detailers use polishers and buffers to work on the surface of the car. These are powerful electric hand tools that provide the elbow grease needed to get jobs done fast and affectively while limiting fatigue and mistakes. You use them for everything from cutting (correcting small scratches and marks by removing a fine layer of clear coat) to buffing (removing finer swirl marks and imperfections) to completing a final polish. Polisher pads of varying sizes and material options are used with polishers for those different tasks.
Brushes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to be used for different needs both inside and outside the vehicle. Other manual tools include clay bars, razors, scrub pads, and mitts for chemical application.

Of course, throughout the detailing process you’ll need a good selection of towels to assist you. We have excellent options for the whole process, including towels for drying, polishing, glass

The answer to this question does depend somewhat on the scope and level of the services you offer, so you might find that as you increase your knowledge and skills, you’ll need to add more tools to assist you in the process! For more info, check out our blog about detailing tools.