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Online Catalog Of High Pressure Pumps From CAT Pumps

CAT Pumps manufactures high-quality pumps and parts that are long-lasting, dependable, and reliable. Known as the pump with nine lives, CAT Pump is extremely popular in the car wash industry! Kleen-Rite has CAT Pumps for sale and CAT Pumps parts diagrams to help with service and maintenance. Shop our CAT Pumps parts, oil, and triplex pumps online.

Typically, car washes operate on a rigorous 24/7 business model, and the high-frequency use of chemicals, the pump cycling, and the water quality can be demanding on equipment. CAT Pump has a variety of high pressure pump options that require little maintenance and exceed basic car wash requirements. Get your CAT Pump pressure washer pumps and CAT triplex pumps today at the best prices!

9 Categories In List