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Car Wash Vending Supplies

Kleen-Rite is your source for Car Wash Vending!

Any successful car wash operator will tell you that Vending Items are a great addition to your bottom line. We offer hundreds of different car wash vending items such as Armor All, Little Tree Air FreshenersBlue Magic, Simoniz, Meguiar's and Quick Dry Towels. You can offer Glass Cleaners, Car Wash Drying Towels and Protectant Sponges to your customers after their car wash, making for more satisfied customers and increasing profits at your wash locations.

We also offer a wide variety of car wash vending machines. Whether you choose glass front spiral venders, through the wall or free standing vending machines, or your more traditional drop shelf venders, we have them in stock and ready to ship.
   Vending is an important source of revenue for any carwash operator.  Below we will discuss what products you should be selling at your car wash.  What items sell best will vary from location to location depending on your customer base, but there is a core group of products that are hot sellers anywhere.

Air Fresheners: Air fresheners are always a top seller among vending items, Little Trees® by Car Freshener® generally being the most popular.  It is important to offer a variety of different scents to appeal to all your customers.

Drying Towels:  Also a big seller for nearly any car wash operator is dry towels.  50 cent paper towels sell very well, as do cloth towels which are generally a $1 vend item.

Glass Cleaner Towelette:  A glass cleaner towelette such as Mercantile Development’s Wet Towel® is another must-have vending product for any car wash.

ArmorAll Sponge:  Finally, ArmorAll® sponge packs are also a great seller anywhere.  Everyone knows the ArmorAll® name, and at a $1 price point, the sponge packs are the top sellers.

   These are the items that are top sellers for everyone.  There are many other products that may or may not sell well depending on your clientele.  Don’t be afraid to try and sell different items.  Some operators have even had great success with items such as snacks and soft drinks that aren’t traditional car wash vending items. The only way to know what will sell at your location is to try.  The worst thing that can happen is a product doesn’t sell and you take it back out of the machine and try something else, but there’s also always the chance that you’ll find your next big hit product.   

   The potential profit to be had from vending at car wash locations is often underestimated. In particular, operators of express tunnel locations often fail to realize that with the volume of cars they wash, vending can be a huge profit center.  Vending products typically sell for double your cost (or even higher with many items), and since the products are being sold through a vending machine rather than an employee, labor cost is kept to a minimum.  This also allows for secure collection of funds, since you can empty the vendors personally and avoid having cash pass through your employee’s hands.  Most modern vending machines are very reliable and therefore maintenance cost is also minimal.

   Vending can be a big part of your business.  At the bare minimum you should be selling the items discussed above, but to really maximize your revenue, you should offer as wide a selection of products as you can.