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Replacement Vacuum Motors

We offer high quality New Only Vacuum motors in top brands for use in blowers, car wash coin op vacuums, carpet extractors, wet/drop shop vacs. We have competitive pricing with many vac motors in stock and ready to ship. We carry the top brands in vac motors including Ametek – Lamb – and Kleen Rite including flow through vacuum motors as well as models for carpet cleaning extractors. If you are looking for vacuum parts we have a supply of filters, vacuum motor brushes, and vacuum seals to keep your vacuums running efficiently. Pick from a wide range of CFM, Waterlift and Amp ratings.

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Important Vac Motor Specifications

  • Motor Power: Expressed in Watts, kW, or HP, and it depends on the type and number of motors in the vacuum.
  • Voltage: This is a measure of electrical energy, denoted in Volts. Most car wash vacuum motors operate at 120 volts and 240 volts. There are some motors with uncommon voltage specifications that are vacuum-specific.
  • Motor Amps: The motor amps specification represents the total electrical current drawn by the vacuum, including the motor and other electrical components.
  • Water Lift (Sealed Suction): This metric measures the vacuum motor's strength and is derived from determining how many inches a vacuum motor will vertically lift a 1'' column of water. This test simulates the process of lifting dirt and debris from carpets.
  • Airflow Rating (CFM): Airflow rating, expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM), is the rate at which air flows through the vacuum. The faster the airflow, the more effective the vacuum is at picking up dirt and debris.
  • RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): This specification tells you the maximum number of times the rotor can spin per minute. Speed plays a significant role in a vacuum cleaner's cleaning efficiency, particularly on carpets and other surfaces that require agitation. The speed of the motor varies drastically depending on the vacuum.
  • Diameter/Footprint: This is a measurement of a motor’s footprint using its diameter. Choose a motor with the same diameter as the original to prevent air from leaking. When air leaks vacuum suction will decrease impacting the customer experience.