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Who doesn’t want to attract more vacuum customers to their car wash site?  Getting people to see your location and what type of vacuum services you offer can be half the battle of growing your business.   The following are some suggestions on ways you can make an impact with your vacuums to draw customer’s attention to your location.
Giving your customers the opportunity to get their vehicles looking great inside and out will help your car wash bring in bigger revenues. That’s why Kleen-Rite offers high quality car wash vacuums to car wash owners. 
Owners of car washes can benefit greatly from the additional revenue stream that including car wash vacuums can provide. Our car vacuums are dependable and reliable and car wash owners can easily set them up with minimal hassle. In addition to vacuums, we also carry parts and accessories such as vacuum motors and hoses, scent for car carpet cleaners, canopies and islands for your vacuums and more.
With Kleen-Rite, you can easily order everything you need to set up a vacuum station for your car wash or upgrade and maintain your existing facilities. Just click on the products you want, click “buy now” and you’ll be on your way to bigger profits and better customer service.
   The biggest attention grabber and statement you can make with your vacuums is with the Central Vacuum System.  J.E. Adams is now offering single arch, dual arch and no arch central vacuum systems.  The overall look of the system is sleek and sturdy.  It will call out to your customers that this is where the vacuums are!  These systems feature stainless steel accessories for a rust free, hi-tech look.  The main collector, pre-filter collector, locking trash can receptacle, mat racks, arches and claw/crevice tool holders are all stainless steel.  The stanchion itself is powder coated steel and comes standard in Red, Yellow, Blue or Green.  The canopy really sets off the look and calls out to customers that this is where it’s at!  Add on a LED light kit and BAM!  You just made heads turn!  

   Having a design that is modular allows you to customize the look and features that best suits you.  J.E. Adams offers a wide variety of hose colors to choose from to set your look off.  Go with a same color canopy or switch it up to a contrasting color!  

   If the centralized motor and collector isn’t for you but the look is, you can mount a J.E. Adams vacuum to the stanchion and have individual vacuum units! You can use commercial no-pay vacs, vacuums with payment systems or vacuums with both options!  Dress up your site with classic stainless steel domes or brighten things up with a colored lighted dome.  Our engineers designed this system to be flexible enough to meet our customer needs.  Give us a call today and let us design a central vacuum system that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

   So you love the idea of the Central Vacuum look but your current vacs are only a few years old so it doesn’t make sense to start from scratch.  What now?  Check out the J.E. Adams Arch Boom Stanchions!  These stanchions can be purchased individually as a swivel arch boom or a fixed arch boom.  You can easily mount these stanchions next to existing vacuums and create a whole new look on your site that catches everyone’s attention!

   The swivel arch boom stanchions are preset to a 180 degree swivel but can be adjusted from a fixed point all the way to a 360 degree swivel.  A centering spring system can be added to these units to ensure a uniform look after each use by gently swinging the arch back to its preset home location.

   You can dress these stanchions up further by adding LED light kits making them night time user friendly too!  The stanchions come standard in blue, yellow, red and green.  Vacuums can be mounted directly to these stanchions or the stanchions can be placed directly next to the vacuums making this a versatile product that can add life to your vacuums and money in your pocket!

“I put new decals on and now my customers keep telling me they love our NEW vacuums!”   We hear this all the time!  One of the simplest ways to make an impact with your vacuums is to ensure they look great!  Old, faded, and peeling decals portray worn out vacuums.  Replace them with a set of shiny new decals and bam, your customers will think these are brand new vacuums and will want to use them!
   Did you know that you can get a variety of colored decals for most J.E. Adams vacs?  Change up the color of your decals completely and really make heads turn towards your vacuums!  Contact Kleen Rite today to find out what color options are available for your machine!

   Another great way to make an impact with your vacuums is with colored domes and hoses!  This is an inexpensive way to coordinate your vacuums with your car wash color schematic to really make a statement.   

   Domes come in red, yellow, blue, green, purple and white.  Hoses are available in red, yellow, blue, green, black, rainbow, beige/black and grey.   Most hoses are available in either the standard 2” diameter or a 1.5” diameter and lengths of 15’, 25’ and 50’.  Swapping these 2 items out is an easy job that    
   will make a big impact in a short amount of time.

   Check out your competition.  Do they offer shampoo/spot remover, tire shine or fragrance?  You could be missing the boat on these extra services.  Customers love that they can easily detail their interior and exterior in one stop to the car wash.   

   Detail stations can be purchased as individual units that can be added in-bay, mounted to the wall or on a pedestal near your vacuum area.  The returns are great!  A shampoo/spot remover dispenses 2.5 gallons of foam per minute which is equal to 1oz of liquid formula.  So that means 1 gallon of formula yields 128 minutes of vending time!  Fragrance and Tire Shine are dispensed at a rate of ¾ oz in 30 seconds which is equal to 1.5 oz of liquid formula yielding 85 minutes of vend time per 1 gallon of formula.

   To save space and make it a one stop shop, detail stations can be combined in the same unit as your vacuum.  Check out the J.E. Adams combo units!  The most popular unit is the 29060 Ultra Series Vacuum with Shampoo, Spot Remover and Fragrance.  This unit comes with 3 motors giving you the option to up-sell your customers the 3 motor turbo vacuum!
   The bottom line is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impact with your vacuums!  The options are out there.  J.E. Adams and Kleen Rite are ready to help you transform your site and grow your profits.  Contact Kleen Rite today to discuss what the best option is for you!