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Tunnel Car Wash Pumps

Powerful pumps keep pressurized water and chemicals flowing in your tunnel. The high throughput at express tunnels requires pumps built to withstand continuous use in harsh conditions. It’s highly recommendable to rely on the most respected names on the pump market who devote a lot of time to precisely engineering their pumps, build them with quality materials that last a long time, and rigorously test them to be sure they’ll perform properly in the field.


Why Quality is Crucial for Express Car Wash Pumps

With regular car wash bays, operators often have the option to shut one bay down while still having another one to serve customers. Express car wash operators typically don’t have this option, as most properties only have a single tunnel processing customers. That means you need pumps that require limited maintenance and last for many years before being replaced. A malfunctioning pump means your tunnel is either down or providing inferior washes – and neither is good for business.

We offer high-pressure pumps like plunger and centrifugal pumps to facilitate the forceful water spray that is crucial to offering the best tunnel wash possible. These are available in a variety of PSI and GPM options so you can get the exact specs you need to offer the most power while maintaining safety and avoiding damage to vehicles. Lower pressure options like AODD and electric diaphragm pumps provide the smooth, restrained boost of pressure to move your chemicals to the tunnel equipment.