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Conveyor Tunnel Replacement Parts

Description: Keep your tunnel traffic moving along safely! Proper movement of your conveyor means customers get through your wash as quickly as possible while still getting a proper wash. Regularly inspect your conveyor to see if you need to replace parts or fix damaged components. Don’t cut corners or ignore conveyor problems. Buy new parts as soon as it’s needed, and even consider keeping extra on hand. Remember, if your conveyor is down, your tunnel is closed!

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Conveyor Maintenance Tips:

  • Look for any flat spots on rollers.
  • Look for rollers that do not spin freely.
  • Check nuts, bolts, and washers for tightness.
  • Make sure conveyor is operating smoothly with no jerking or unusual noises.
  • Check hydraulic lines and motors for leaks.
  • Rinse down the rollers, getting all the sand and dirt out of the assembly. This is especially important during winter months when more sand and dirt enters the car wash, resulting in more roller wear.
  • Inspect for worn roller axles, washers and chain links.
  • Inspect gear sprocket and take up drum.