Changers & Counters

Changers & Counters

Car Wash Change Machines

are the first point of contact for customers wishing to spend their money at your location. Make it simple and easy for them with a reliable change machine. Our changers are easy-to-use change machines create a first positive impression on your car wash customers.

We carry a full array of change machines from American Changer, Standard Change Makers, Hamilton Changers and Rowe. Whether you need a wall-mount unit, rear load change machines and bill acceptors, or freestanding changers that dispense quarters, tokens or can break your customers bills into lower denominations plus coin, we have the changers you are looking for. We even have new MEI Recycler models and credit card bill changers. We stock the right machines for your car wash, laundromat, arcade or parking facility. We even carry Paystation models for car wash entry systems.

A good money changing device will help your customers get quick and easy access to the change they need to use your coin-operated car wash and vacuum services. Kleen-Rite provides top quality changers from trusted manufacturers like Hamilton, Standard and American Changer, among many others. Our changers are easy to use and reliable and will ensure your customers get the quick, convenient access to the change they need.

Kleen-Rite offers high quality parts and devices at value prices, giving our customers the best value for their money. Shopping with Kleen-Rite couldn’t be easier. Just click on the product you want, hit the “buy now” option, check out and you’re done. We keep a full stock of changers and other car wash equipment and accessories you can order any time. 

Although these money changers are ruggedly built, time and wear have an effect on even the best equipment, that’s why we have a full listing of changer replacement parts for all top name brand change machines.