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Car Wash Foam Generators

Deliver an exciting show to your customers using foam generators in your touchless automatic and tunnel washes so customers have visual indication chemicals are working. Foam clings to surfaces longer than water which allows your presoak, triple foam, sealants, and other products to clean more effectively and produce better results for your customers. The visual show reinforces the idea that the chemistry is doing its job. Foamer is another name commonly used in the car wash industry for foam generator. No matter which term your choose, these devices produce a rich lather of foam using air or mechanical action to agitate the chemical. 

We carry a plethora of foam generators that are well suited for both touchless automatic and tunnel wash applications. We even stock mounting brackets should the model you purchase not include them. Plus, we have spare parts should you need to replace something that breaks or wears out. Get all your car wash foam supplies in one stop and buy from us today!

Note: Foam generators and foamers are not to be mistaken with foam cannons used by detailers. They perform similar functions, but are used for entirely different applications.