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Little Trees: Wholesale Air Fresheners, Sprays, Vent Clips, Counter Displays in Bulk

Little Tree car air freshener products have been hanging in cars for almost 60 years. What started with a simple green tree is now an expansive array of scents all designed to make your car smell better. Adding these to your car washes vending machines can increase sales, just make sure you keep well stocked with a variety of scents by buying in bulk so you never run out. Little Tree is the #1 air freshener in the car was industry and has been since Watertown, NY resident, Julius Samann, patented his thick papered odor busting formula in 1952 to eliminate the smell of spoiled spilled milk. Since then, the product line has expanded to include sprays, paper products, scent cups, decals, vent clips, and aerosols in scents ranging from forest scents to tropical and everything in between. All in all there are more than 60 scents to choose from, and can come in wholesale or the trees are available in 24 or 72 packs and also handy-strip packs for easy display options. Many different scents have been given the title of the favorite of the years, and new scents are still released each year. Scents have to go through quality assurance checks before being approved to be released, and a dedicated fragrance department does exactly that. The quality never fades, nor has the style. The Little Tree seen today is almost exactly like the original! Still headquartered in Watertown, NY by the Samann family, with locations in Iowa and New Hampshire, Little Trees have persisted in being at the top when it comes to car air fresheners. In Europe, Trees are branded ARBRE MAGIQUE and WUNDER-BAUM.  Proudly made in the USA with top quality materials, Little Trees is a brand you can rely on for years to come!

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