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Car Wash Swivel Fittings and Overhead Swivels Supplier

We carry a wide array of swivel repair parts and carwashing swivels for overhead booms and hoses. It is important that hoses don't kink or bind up in a car wash self-serve bay. The right swivel allows free range of motion as well as ensuring proper fluid and chemical flow without hindrance. Kleen-Rite carries a large inventory so you can find the swivel for the right application.

Kleen-Rite carries a variety of durable swivels and rotary joints for heavy-duty needs. Our stock of high pressure swivels includes components rated to 5000 PSI and nickel-plated swivels, among others. We carry many other types of swivels for other industries as well including pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and industrial applications. For your car wash swivel needs we have swivels for touchfree automatics and self-serve car wash hose swivels. We also stock many of the needed hose ends, plus adapter fittings you might also need.

30 Categories In List