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Replacement Parts for Express Tunnel Car Washes

We have the important parts you need to keep your tunnel at peak performance! Whether you have a major issue like a failing motor or a minor inconvenience like a stuck solenoid valve, we are your source for components to service major tunnel car wash systems. Obviously, it’s important to keep your wash operating and processing cars, but only satisfying the bare minimum is not enough to be successful. With the competitive aspect of express tunnels, it’s crucial to consistently offer the best wash your equipment can provide.

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Since the express car wash model depends on high volume and speed, you need to replace worn out or damaged parts immediately. This requires that you to keep spares on hand or have a trusted supplier ready to ship products quickly. Going directly to the manufacturer is always an option, but they often do not keep a lot of inventory on hand, and when they do it’s expensive. That’s when a distributor like us can help. We’re focused on having access to the critical tunnel car wash parts you need at affordable prices.