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   When the subject of saving energy comes up, one of the first reactions is to start turning off lights. The fact is that if every lightbulb in America today were shut off at once it would only reduce energy consumption by 7% of the nation’s total energy usage. Though lights need to be considered when discussing energy efficiency, the fact is that there are other alternatives then darkening our lots.

   A well lit operation is much more appealing at night. It lets potential customers know that you are open and doing business. On the other hand a darkened, poorly lit location gives the impression that you are going out of business or closed. Plus poorly lit locations deter customers who may feel unsafe or at risk from potential predators or vandals. Bright lights act as a deterrent to vandals and the criminal element. So when it comes to lighting, my slogan has always been “Go the Extra Mile!” With new energy efficient lighting you can save energy while still harnessing the use of lighting to enhance traffic and safety.

   Our T5HO & T8 Fluorescent bay fixtures are specifically designed to replace conventional H.I.D. lighting. It’s an ingenious blend of technologies as it combines the advantage of T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lamps with the mounting flexibility of the bay. The fluorescent bay is an environment freindly lighting solution because it exceeds the demands of today’s growing energy requirements.

   Standard 400 watt metal halide fixtures, rated for 36,000 initial lumens, lose up to 45% of their lighting ability through depreciation and fixture inefficiencies. When compared to only 6% loss of the T5 HO fluorescent bay rated for 20,000 initial lumens, the maintained Lumen output is virtually the same.

   A four light 54 watt HO T5 bay requires only 239 watts as compared to the metal halide which consumes 454 watts, a dramatic 50% savings in energy usage. In addition with features like instant on and low-temperature operation.

   Metal Halide does have a use in the car wash business as well, the term combine lighting source which does give you a wide range of proper colors. BRONTECH is a company that is recreating better lighting products for colors, life of the product and help keeps your energy cost down.

   The bottom line is your customers want to see their washes cars gleam in the crisp, clear light. Lighting makes customers’ cars sparkle like new, so they keep coming back again and again. Make your car wash bays bright and energy efficient!