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Flojet Water Pumps

Since 1975, Flojet water pumps have been a popular choice in the car wash industry thanks to their incredible innovative design, compact size, and resistance harsher chemicals. We stock Flojet diaphragm and electric pumps so you can choose the pump that best matches the needs of the application. Both types of pumps provide reliable service for car washes, food and beverage, manufacturing facilities, and a multitude of industrial applications. Plus, they are great for RVs and boats too!

Flojet water pumps have several material options for diaphragms, check valves, and seals. This allows you to match the material of these critical components to the pH of the chemical moving through your pump. Choosing the correct material helps you maximize the life of your pump and your investment.

Looking for specific set of specifications? We stock a wide range of models so you can find on with the exact specifications your application requires. If you can find a Flojet pump with the specifications you need, please reach out to us and we will track on down for you.

If you need OEM repair parts, we carry those too! That way you can keep your Flojet water pumps at their maximum performance level.

Not sure exactly what pump you’re looking for? Check out our guide to learn about some of Flojet’s most popular types and series.

If you already have a Flojet pump and need to rebuild or replace worn part, we have an informative video that teaches you how to service your pump.

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