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Auto Detailing Brushes 

Whether you are looking for a small brush for a specific area or a large, multi-functional brush used with a long screw-in handle, we carry what you need for your detailing services. Our size, shape, and bristle options let you choose perfectly designed brushes for every task at your shop—even hard-to-reach places. Quickly and effectively clean vehicles without risking damage!


Let’s take a look at the detailing brushes we carry, and what they are best used for!

Wash Brushes

Getting that all-over clean provides a good base to start from. You need the best wash brush you can get to deliver a thorough clean that takes care of dirt and grime, while being gentle enough not to damage glass, paint, and chrome. These auto brushes will help you perform a hand wash on the vehicles you’re detailing, before using our detail towels to dry them for a bright sheen!

Scrubber Brushes

You might also call them fender well brushes, wheel well brushes, inner fender brushes, or even mat brushes. These brushes feature stiff bristles, and generally have a larger brush head to attack a greater surface area all at once. A long, ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach deep into the wheel wells and behind the fenders, while allowing you to get the leverage you need to deal with caked-on gunk.

Wheel and Tire Brushes

When it comes to putting together a list of detailing brushes for cars, this type of brush will always be included. Wheels and tires are exposed to the worst of the worst, and are exposed to the most damaging contaminants on the roads. These are some of the most specific auto detailing brushes you need to pick up!

Tire cleaning brushes will have a large head of stiff bristles, to get into some of the grooves and work inside of the molded rubber that is part of the tire. They sometimes feature curved heads to conform to the shape of the tire. Wheel brushes – sometimes also referred to as spoke brushes – will be longer and round, with a short handle and stiff bristles, to work in and out of the spokes and cut-outs found on wheels. These will help take care of everything from dirt and gravel to brake dust and more!

Detail Brushes

Usually made from nylon, these are slender bristle brushes built to deal with smaller tasks, or on small area like door arm rests. They generally are balanced between being soft yet tough – they need to be non-scratch to clean trim and emblems, yet stiff enough to remove dirt. These often have short, easy-grip handles for great control. Many of them will resemble a toothbrush, or at least have a head that is similarly shaped.

Dust and Delicate-Surface Brushes

Getting into the nooks and crevices inside the vehicle is the key to a thorough clean. There are also surfaces that need a gentle touch – touchscreen surfaces, controls and buttons, and more. These brushes often look like paintbrushes, and are perfect for getting into air vents, seat pleats, cracks, and crevices.

Pet Hair Removal Brush

It’s very specific – but very necessary. Pet hairs will intertwine with carpet and upholstery in a vehicle, and may be difficult to remove even with a vacuum! However, these auto detail brushes help to create a small charge that attracts these hairs, pulling them out through magnetizing them.

Upholstery Brush

From cloth, to leather, to suede, upholstery cleaning is possibly one of the most important parts of a picture-perfect detail job. Having the right upholstery and carpet detail brush will make the job easier. These brushes should feature short, stiff, and dense bristles that can dig into the upholstery and carpet to break loose dirt and debris. This also helps to work cleaning chemicals into the material where the stain particulates are.

One of the most important features to look for in detailing brushes for upholstery and carpet is ergonomics. These handheld brushes require pressure to dig into the upholstery and work the fabric and stain, pressure that is generated by the user. Good ergonomics will help you provide a better clean, and be comfortable working with the brush over longer periods – stains won’t stand a chance!

These auto detail brushes are the key to giving your clients the best result, and keep them coming back to you for future detailing jobs. Check out the great variety we carry  from the leading brands in the car detailing brush space!