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Auto Detailing Clay Bars

Clay bars and other detailing clay products can be some of the most effective and helpful tools for pro detailers. Clay bars and products can be made of either natural or man-made materials. These resin-type compounds are used as a handheld small tool that pulls and lifts contaminants from car surfaces. It has a similar feel to regular clays like modeling clay and Play-Doh, but is specially formulated to be more durable and malleable so it can hold up to the demands of detailing.

How Does a Clay Bar Work?

A clay bar is delicately swiped along the vehicle surface, picking up dirt and contaminants along the way. Those particles go into the piece of clay, where they will not touch the surface, and the bar can continue to be used on the rest of the surface. The car surface should be lubricated so the bar moves freely and slips along the surface easily. Its ideal to use a dedicated lubricant or spray for this purpose instead of just water – just make sure it’s safe for the surface.

A clay bar should only be used periodically when doing a comprehensive detail on a car. Although safe for the actual paintwork, clay bars will often remove most protective coatings on car exteriors like waxes and sealants. That means those coatings will have to be reapplied after using.