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Hi-Tech 233 Round 7 inch Dust Brush

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Round dust brush for intriciate interior detailing. Excellent for vents, speakers, buttons, and other spots with tight seams that are difficult to access. 7" long with 1.5" bristles.


Product Description

7" Auto Detailing Dust Brush

The Hi-Tech 233 Round Dust Brush is used to remove dust and debris from tight seams and small crevices in car interiors. It's great for vents, dashboards, speakers, buttons on the dash - really any intricate spot in a vehicle interior. This ergonomic handle brush has a metal ferrule that holds a tight cluster of beige nylon bristles that mimic the look and feel of horse hair.

233 Brush Details:

  • 7" long brush
  • 1.5" bristle length
  • Ergonomic handle with metal ferrule
  • Detailing brush designed for tight spots and seams

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