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Mac Valves 811C-PM-114JB-152 Single 800 Series Solenoid Valve - 1/4 NPT, 120V, Internal Pilot

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Single operator 5/2 solenoid valve with internal pilot, locking extended manual operator, and rectangular plug-in connector. 1/4" NPTF port size. 120VAC/60Hz or 110VAC/50Hz power required.

Product Description

120/110 Volt Internal Pilot Solenoid Valve

The Mac Valves 811C-PM-114JB-152 is part of the 800 series. This 120/110V single solenoid valve is a two way internal pilot version with locking extended manual operation, a rectangular connector, and 1/4" female NPT ports.

The MAC 800 Series features Mac Valves' balanced poppet in the pilot and an air/spring return for consistent shifting regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. Mac's balanced spool means the valve can be piped as a 4-way, 3-way, 2-way, normally closed or normally open or can be used for vacuum, diverter or selector applications. The one piece bonded seal spool means longer life and easy maintenance.


  • 120/110 Volt
  • 60/50 Hz
  • 1/4" NPTF ports
  • Single solenoid
  • Internal pilot
  • Locking extended manual operator
  • Rectangular connector
  • 1.4 Cv (maximum)
  • 5/2 function

Operational Benefits:

  • Balanced spool, immune to variations of pressure.  
  • Short stroke with high flow.
  • The piston (booster) provides maximum shifting forces.
  • Powerful return force thanks to the combination of mechanical and air springs.
  • Bonded  spool with minimum friction, shifting in a glass-like finished bore.  
  • Wiping effect eliminates sticking.
  • Pilot valve with balanced poppet, high flow, short and consistent response times.
  • Long service life.

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