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Car Wash Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves play a critical role in nearly all types of car wash equipment. A solenoid valve is a valve that is activated when power is applied to the coil. A normally closed valve stays closed until receiving power at which point it opens up allowing flow through the valve. These type of valves are the most commonly used solenoids in a car wash. They are used to allow soap and wax to be metered into your high pressure pump, as well as controlling all your low-pressure functions such as foam brush, tire cleaner, presoak, etc. When a function is selected in the bay, power is sent to the solenoid for that function, causing it to open and allow product to be delivered to the bay.

Normally open solenoids are also found in car washes, usually controlling the weep system. A normally open solenoid remains open all the time until power is applied to the coil at which time it closes. These are used in weep system so that in case of a power failure, the system fails with the solenoid in the open position, which leaves the weep water flowing to avoid having your lines freeze up.

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