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Flint and Walling 136607 Viton O-Ring

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OEM O-Ring for use in Flint & Walling pumps. Viton construction. OEM replacement parts ensure that fit and function is as expected after repairs and maintenance.

Product Description

OEM Flint & Walling O-Ring

O-rings are vital for the watertight operation of your pumps. They're also the most likely part to get brittle and wear away, or get dropped or damaged when repairing and maintaining a pump. Make sure you have enough O-rings on hand for your maintenance or repair projects, and keep a supply on hand! These are the exact O-rings used in Flint & Walling pumps - OEM equipment ensures that pumps continue to have the same high function they had on day one.

For Use in Pump Models:

  • 2PC42 to 2PC48
  • 4YC09 to 4YC12
  • PB0512S051
  • PB0712S071
  • PB0712S073
  • PB1014S101
  • PB1014S103
  • PB1016S151
  • PB1016S153
  • PB2711S201
  • PB2711S203
  • PB2714S301
  • PB2714S303
  • 22W727 to 22W737

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