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Flint & Walling Booster Pumps

Each Flint and Walling booster pump is tested a minimum of three times before leaving the factory. Thanks to this level of production detail, Flint & Walling water pumps are a great choice for car wash operators in need of a reliable, dependable car wash pump! Kleen-Rite is pleased to offer a selection of Flint & Walling's best pump models for a variety of applications, all at great prices for business owners. Check out the best selection of Flint & Walling pumps, pump repair parts, rebuild kits and more!



More Than Car Wash Pumps

Flint & Walling booster pumps are used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. Aside from their value and performance in the car wash industry, you can utilize booster and centrifugal pumps in residential wells, irrigation, ornamental ponds and fountains, plus sump and sewage systems. Commercially they're used in drives and controls, and a variety of agricultural purposes for livestock and poultry farms and crop irrigation.

Flint & Walling Manuals and Parts

As with all the equipment we distribute, Kleen-Rite also carries Flint & Walling pump parts and rebuild kits. You'll find valuable instructions and product manuals on their corresponding Kleen-Rite product pages under the pricing and availability information. These manuals contain information on repair parts, schematics, installation, rebuilds and more.