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10' Chain with Same Side Pin & Cotter

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A 10 foot section of chain for Belanger conveyors. Pin and cotter is on the same side of the chain for each link. This car wash conveyor chain features a durable construction that handles repeated use.
Note: Sold in 10' increments only.


Product Description

10 Ft. Belanger Chain

Chain C188-10 is compatible with Belanger conveyors. It is designed with the pin and cotter on the same side of the chain on each link. We sell this chain in 10 foot increments. It is made with a durable construction to endure heavy use.

C188-10 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Hamel Mfg.
  • Part Number: C188-10
  • Item: Chain
  • Length: 10' Sections
  • Compatibility: Belanger Conveyors

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