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Cryptopay Coordinator

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  • Simple, which makes it affordable and easy to install.
  • Rugged enough to survive in a carwash bay environment.
  • Secure wireless connection between swipers and the central collection point called the Coordinator.
  • Easy installation at lower cost while maintaining data security.
  • Reduces credit card processing costs to the absolute minimum. 

Product Description

Credit Card Swipe Payment System

The CryptoPay system is composed of only two building blocks:

the CryptoPay coordinator unit, and one or more CryptoPay swipers. Each swiper can read a credit card, and can run a carwash timer based on its individual configuration.  The coordinator talks to each of the swipers wirelessly, and also talks to computers over the internet to validate credit cards, finalize transactions, and re-configure the swipers when necessary. 

The CryptoPay coordinator connects to the swipers using a proprietary secure wireless connection. This secure wireless connection enables the car wash owner to put credit card acceptance everywhere in the car wash without running cat5 cabling to every point of sale. 

How does it work?

When a customer swipes a credit card in the carwash bay, the swiper first validates the card. The authorization is then sent back to the swiper, which then starts the carwash.

Product Reviews

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Everything is working well and I hope to get more credit card swipers for my vacs.
Reviewed by Philip  P
7/28/2022 10:19:25 AM
Easy to install, very fast authorization speed. Analytics is awesome.
Reviewed by Tyson  J
6/22/2022 9:12:46 PM
Can this be utilized on a D&S 5000 automatic wash? Currently has a Hamilton unit I believe. Facility does not have Cat 5 cables and would love to do wireless on it and 4 manual wash bays. Thanks
Reviewed by Bryan  D
5/9/2022 5:16:15 PM
Easy to register to start using. Just needs internet cable connection.
Reviewed by Nishith  M
9/30/2021 7:32:26 PM
reliable !! no issues.
Reviewed by Trevor  V
9/25/2021 10:05:59 PM
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Can Cryptopay be added to a Fragramatics Fragrance Vacuum FV-3? - Greg (08/05/2021)
Response:Yes, you can use Cryptopay with a Fragramatics unit.
Question:What if my computer does not have a ethernet plug in. - David (03/15/2021)
Response:Please contact our sales department for specific installation questions 800-233-3873.
Question:Can the coordinator be kept at my home for my vacuums that are in different areas of the city not a car washes? - Craig (03/02/2021)
Response:The Cryptopay Coordinator must have connection to the internet and kept on site. We suggest keeping it in your office and/or equipment room.
Question:My customer scrolling screen is impossible to read, can it be repaired or replaced - scott (12/19/2020)
Response:Yes, please contact our sales department for pricing 800-233-3873
Question:Can I make work on my acw5 - scott (12/19/2020)
Response:The coordinator would work with any Cryptopay swiper. In addition to the coordinator, you would also need to purchase either a CPS3032 or CPS3034 retrofit kit for the ACW5 to utilize Cryptopay. The CPS3032 is the standard mount unit where the controller is mounted on the front door and the CPS3034 is the modified standard, the controller is not mounted on the front door.
Question:for my auto cashier will I have to run a Cat 5 Cable? - Bill (05/12/2020)
Response:No, Cryptopay is wireless from the swiper to the coordinator. The only Cat 5 cable you'll need to run is between the coordinator and your modem - CPS3010.
Question:how many bays/vacuums can be on one coordinator - Brantley (04/27/2020)
Response:A single site coordinator can handle up to 50 separate Cryptopay swipers.
Question:Who is the processing company and what are the fees? - Brian (01/17/2020)
Response:Worldpay is the merchant processor for Cryptopay. For current rates, please contact Caine Uhlenbrock PH#970-335-4893