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CAT Pump 310 Triplex 5-Frame Plunger Pump - 4GPM, 2200PSI, 950RPM

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The 310 CAT Pump is a top seller! This triplex (three plunger rods) plunger pump is designed to deliver smooth, low pulsation flows at different pressures and flow rates. CAT Pumps pressure washing pumps are known as the pumps with nine lives because of their reliability and long life.

NOTE: Shaft protector shown in picture is NOT included.

Technical Specifications

RPM: 950
Max PSI: 2200
Min PSI: 100
Max GPM: 4
Bore: 20 millimeter
Shaft Diameter: 20 millimeter
Stroke: 18 millimeter
Outlet Port: 3/8 inch
Max Temperature: 160 degrees F
Inlet Port: 1/2 inch
Crankcase Capacity: 18 ounce

Product Description

CAT 310 Triplex Plunger Pump 2200 PSI

This low maintenance positive displacement pump is made for continuous duty operation and is well suited to the many different cycles of a car wash. 

This CAT Pump 310 pressure washing pump has a triplex design for high efficiency and low pulsation. It is a positive displacement, reciprocating, plunger pump. This pressure washer pump has 304 stainless steel valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers, and standard NBR seals and o-rings. 

The 310 plunger pump boasts a superior belt drive design. Its high-pressure seals are lubricated and cooled by the liquid being pumped. The lubricated low-pressure seal offers double protection against leakage. This pressure cleaning pump comes with standard NBR seals with alternative options for temperature and chemical compatibility. It is also available in these models: PU00310S.3000 (high temperature), PU00310BQ (quiet), PU00310.110 (with viton seals), PU00310B (with chrome plated brass), and PU00310S (with stainless steel sleeve inserts). 

Don't miss our Tom's Way video under the Videos tab to watch as Tom services the 310 CAT Pump. Mounting kit (30659) and rails (30611)are not included and must be ordered separately. Shaft protector (118672) in main image is also sold separately.

Pump Dimensions: 11.73" x 10.0" x 5.24"

Pump Features:

  • Drive type: belt
  • Triplex plunger design provides smooth fluid flow
  • Exclusive high-pressure seals improve performance and seal life
  • Abrasion resistant solid ceramic plungers
  • Inlet port and discharge port valve assemblies interchange for easy maintenance
  • Oil bath crankcase
  • Heat treated valves and seats
  • Oversized crankshaft bearings with greater loading capacity for longer bearing life
  • Wet end is serviced without entering the crankcase; saves time and effort
  • Preset packings; no packing gland adjustments necessary

Pump Applications:

  • Car wash and truck wash
  • Continuous duty, high-pressure washing applications
  • Industrial cleaning, pressure washing, reverse osmosis, water misting, and more

Pump Technical Specs:

  • Max Flow: 4 GPM
  • Pressure Range: 100 - 2200 PSI
  • Inlet Valve Pressure Range: -5 to 60 PSI (-0.35 to 4 bar)
  • RPM: 950

Replacement parts:

  • 7003 pressure regulator
  • 33962 pop-off valve
  • 6088 pressure gauge
  • 6029 pulsation dampener
  • 7104.4 inlet filter
  • 34334 oil drain kit
  • 6100 crankcase oil (21 oz. bottles)
  • 6105 crankcase oil (2.5 gallons)
  • 30659 mounting kit
  • 30611 pump rails
  • 33004 drive socket for seal removal

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