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CAT Plunger Pumps

CAT plunger pumps are recognized as some of the hardest-working, longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the pressure washing and car wash industry. These plunger pumps are utilized worldwide in applications not just across the pressure wash and car wash industries, but also for agriculture, water transfer, manufacturing, and other industries.

Plunger pumps feature plungers that slide back and forth. This design features stationary seals, making plungers pumps the best option for high pressure applications. They can handle higher inlet pressures, and can provide outlet pressure up to 10 times that of piston pumps. This makes them a favorite of the pressure washing and car wash industries, as they can supply precise, powerful output for hours on end.

CAT pumps offer tremendous versatility with plunger pumps featuring a wide array of drive options, wet-end material options, and accessories, all with various construction materials. Here at Kleen-Rite we offer a wide array of CAT plunger pumps including direct drive (hollow or solid shaft), belt drive, stainless steel, and nickel/aluminum options. We’re also the industry-leading provider of CAT plunger pump parts and accessories, helping you to maximize the life of your CAT plunger pump!