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Hydro Systems HydroMinder 511 Low Volume Chemical Dispensing Unit with Siphon Breaker and Mounting Bracket - 4.5 GPM

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Hydrominder 511 low volume unit maintains the level of ready-to-use solution in your system. This low volume unit can be used in a variety of applications such as automatic or self-serve vehicle washing systems.

Technical Specifications

Max GPM: 4.5

Product Description

Low Volume Hydrominder 511 - 4.5 GPM

This Hydrominder 511 will keep your reservoir ready at all times with consistently and accurately mixed solutions. There's no pouring, stirring or waiting! When the solution level drops in the reservoir, the Hydrominder's float ball activates a non-electric magnetic valve.  The water flow siphons liquid concentrate into the water stream. With the Hydrominder , you can automatically maintain the level of ready to use solution. When the tank reaches past the fill level, the Hydrominder shuts off. This self-contained and self-controlled system is easy to use and maintain.

The Hydrominder 511 is built with quality, chemically resistant materials. It is environmentally friendly, as the use of concentrates reduces solid waste. Plus, it improves employee safety, since it eliminates exposure to the concentrated product. Employees will also save time and labor, as there's no manual chemical handling, measuring, and mixing required.


  • Dilution ratio 240:1 (max) to 4:1 (min)
  • Includes siphon breaker and mounting bracket
  • Consistent automatic dilution for better chemical performance
  • Uses water power; no electricity required


  • Automatic or self-serve vehicle washes
  • High pressure cleaning systems
  • Parts washing machines
  • Water treatment systems

Product Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:I have a 511 system. I just need to replace the pump. Do you sell that part separately? - JOEL (01/04/2023)
Response:All components on the Hydro Systems 511 hydrominder are available for replacement. Please use the 511 pdf. manual on the product page to identify the corresponding parts needs for your repair.
Question:I am having a fresh water feed back into my soap siphon hose. I am using a 511 and I have started by cleaning the inlet water screen, made sure all lines and offices are clean and open. I have replaced the diaphragm in the valve body, also the foot valve. I have pressured the suction line (no leaks). Can you suggest anything? Next steps to replace the complete hydrominder. Thank You! James E. Wood - James (04/12/2020)
Response:Possibly the siphon is not breaking when the unit shuts off. You can try replacing the siphon breaker, or cut a small hold in the discharge tube a few inches above the fill line.