Every Car Wash Needs a Hydrominder Liquid Dispersement System

A hydrominder is the efficient gatekeeper of liquid chemical concentrates for a car wash. It allows you to have a reservoir of accurately mixed solutions ready to go without having to pay too much attention to it. A quality hydro minder helps reduce labor costs because you don’t have to manually measure and mix chemical concentrates. The HydroMinder is also more accurate than manual measurements, so you always have a mixture that isn’t too strong or weak.

Dependable hydrominders are useful and relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment that no car wash can survive without. Click here for a picture tutorial on How to Service a Hydrominder.

Advantages of Using a Hydrominder for Your Car Wash

Hydrominders are the industry standard for maintaining liquid levels in car washes. As water flows through, the device siphons the liquid concentrate injecting it into the water stream and automatically maintaining the solution level. Once the reservoir reaches its pre-set level you set for it, the chemical injector device will shut off.

Five Advantages

  • Simple installation
  • Can disperse several different solutions (or plain water)
  • Siphons concentrates into water stream
  • Pre-set the fill level and it will automatically shut off
  • Have accurately mixed solutions ready all the time

HydroMinders are built with materials designed to maximize their life and to simplify servicing and repair work. Plus, Kleen-Rite carries a full line of hydrominder replacement parts and accessories so you can always have the parts you need on hand.

All the Hydrominder Parts and Accessories You Need

Be prepared when the time comes to repair or replace a part. Be sure to check out our complete selection of hydrominder parts that you will need to complete a repair quickly and easily.

We stock float and chain assemblies, eductor kits, actuator assemblies, and more, all at great low prices, every day. If you don’t see an item you need, please give us a call!

How May We Help You?

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