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Little Trees Air Fresheners by Car-Freshner

Little Trees from Car-Freshner have remained the go-to air freshener since being created in the mid-twentieth century. Beginning as a quick fix for a milk truck driver who detested the smell of spoiled milk, Car Freshner products became a popular, efficient solution for anybody needing to freshen up their vehicle. The iconic tree-shaped air fresheners are the most popular, best-selling air freshener on the market. Drive down any road and you're bound to see one hanging somebody's rear view mirror!

Car Freshner's top scents include Black Ice, New Car, Vanillaroma, and Caribbean Colada. They also release fresh new fragrances with attractive graphics so customers can enjoy different smells and liven up the look of their vehicle interior. Car Freshner is incredibly trusted and has a loyal customer base, so car washes, retail stores, auto garages, and auto detailing shops know the brand's products are steady sellers!

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