CAT Pumps

CAT Pumps

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Cat Pumps Also Work Well In These Other Industry Applications: Car Wash - Truck Wash - Car Detailing - Bus Wash - Train Car Washing

Cat Pumps purr along month after month, efficiently meeting all of your high-pressure pumping needs. Cat Pumps are known to be workhorses that will withstand rigorous use, allowing you to focus on running a smooth car wash operation and minimizing downtime.

Whether we’re talking about Cat Pressure Washer Pumps or Cat Piston Pumps, all Cat water pumps are easy to maintain, and if needed performing Cat pump repairs isn’t too bad either. Cat pumps are designed to be user-friendly and to make regular maintenance as easy as possible. Pressure washers with Cat pumps are a dream in terms of hassle-free maintenance. Ensuring that the pump is properly lubricated, and performing routine maintenance check-ups on filters, seals, belts, pulley, etc., is usually all that is required to keep a Cat pump running smoothly.

A Cat Pump for Every Need

In addition to plunger, piston, and centrifugal pumps, Kleen-Rite also carries a wide selection of Cat pressure washer pumps. The ceramic plungers and specially formulated high-pressure seals provide longer-lasting seal life.

Cat pressure washer pumps are used in a variety of applications, providing industrial power and solid reliability under continuous high-pressure use. These pumps, just like other Cat pump models, are easy to clean and maintain.

When a pump does need to be repaired, you can rely on Kleen-Rite’s complete line of Cat pump parts, seal kits, accessories, and much more.It’s easy to find replacement parts for pressure washers with Cat pumps, as this respected brand is widely used in the pressure washer industry.

Kleen-Rite’s goal of providing “The Best for Less” will allow you to stock up and have parts and accessories on hand to avoid prolonged downtime.

Durable and Reliable

When selecting pressure washer pump parts, Cat Pumps are a name you can rely upon for durability and longevity – essential qualities for car wash businesses. Cat pumps are made from high-quality, durable materials. Corrosive-resistant stainless steel valves and seats, and specially formulated high-pressure seals, offer premium performance and extended seal life. The triplex displacement pump design provides years of reliable service and low lifecycle cost.

Kleen-Rite is fully stocked with everything you need to keep your Cat pumps running smoothly. From pulleys and rails to regulators and unloaders, Kleen-Rite is your one-stop shop for all of your Cat pump supply needs.

Any time a pump is down it is a drag on your car wash business. Cat pumps are known to be reliable and durable, and will withstand the rigorous demands of any busy car wash.

Dependability, trusted quality and outstanding performance make Cat Pumps the most frequently used pump for car washes. That’s why over 85% of all car wash owners rely on Cat Pumps to keep their washes operating at high-capacity.

Typically, the rigorous schedules of car washes operate on a 24/7 business model, and the high-frequency use of the chemical, environment, pump cycling and water quality are demanding on equipment. Cat Pumps has a wide variety of pump options to exceed basic requirements, based on wash type and location. We provide the following high-pressure pumps:

  • Self-serve
  • Touch-free and friction automatics
  • Roll-over
  • Tunnel
  • Prep
  • Detailing applications

Self-Serve Car Wash

Belt or direct-drive pumps are designed for this application and run 3 - 5 GPM at 800 - 1200 PSI. The belt-driven pump runs slower, so it extends pump life, which saves you money. A direct-drive pump mounts to the motor with a bell housing and is connected with a flex coupler, creating a highly compact pump and simplified motor assembly.

Touch-Free and Friction Automatics, Roll-Over Wash & Tunnel Wash

Automatic, Roll-Over and Tunnel washes use pumps rated from 18 GPM - 45 GPM with pressures of 900 - 1,200 PSI for high-pressure washing and/or rinsing. High-pressure pumps can also be used for undercarriage, wheel and rocker panel wash. Dependable and long-lasting pumps are critical for keeping up with the demanding pace of these washes. The wash can easily provide up to 500,000 washes in the equipment lifecycle.

Car Wash Prep Guns

For front bumpers, wheel wells, rocker panels and wind shields, prep guns are used to remove the following prior to the vehicle entering the tunnel wash:

  • Heavy soil
  • Dirt
  • Bugs
  • Snow
  • Ice

Attended washes are usually set up with two guns for intricate detailing. Prep units can consist of two separate pumps, each providing 4 - 5 GPM. They can also be a single higher flow pump doing 9 - 10 GPM. General operating pressure for prep guns is 800 – 1,200 PSI.

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