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Pressure Washer Hose Reel

A reliable pressure washing reel is crucial to keeping hose organized and protected from damage. Pressure washer hose reels can be mounted on a vehicle or reel cart for easy transportation, or placed in a shop in a convenient spot where regular washing occurs. Kleen-Rite has different material options like steel or aluminum pressure washer hose reels. We even have electric hose reel options. Explore your choices to find the best pressure washer reel for your business!


At Kleen-Rite, we carry a variety of hose reels to help you keep your hose organized. This will help you keep your kit in order, and help you pack, unpack, and get on the move faster. A well-organized trailer or shop also helps you look more professional! Check out these hose reels from top car wash and pressure washing manufacturers!


It’s the perfect name for these hose reels that have massive capacity. These are truly Titan hose reels, with the capacity to hold massive amounts of hose, up to 400 feet! With aluminum frames and stainless steel manifolds, these are extremely durable and versatile for use across a variety of temperatures and chemicals. One of the greatest features that Titan has to offer is the availability of electric and manual reels. Check out the Titan 4318ES 18-Inch Electric-Powered Reel for ease of use and convenience, or if you don’t want to deal with electric power the Titan 4318S 18-Inch Manual Reel offers the same space but with manual reeling!

General Pump

You know them for their industry-leading pumps and accessories – General Pump does it all! General Pump provides hose reels specifically with the pressure washing industry in mind. This means hose reels with ultra-high pressure ratings, like the General Pump DHRA50450 A-Frame Hose Reel that works with pressures up to 5000 PSI! More than just hose reels, General Pump offers the best accessories so you can build out your hose system exactly as you need. Check out carts like the General Pump 2100465 Cart for DHRA Series A-Frame Reels or dual-reel mounts like the General Pump 21000437 Stacking Kit that squeezes more hose reels into a small footprint.

Steel Eagle

Manufacturers of heavy-duty hose reels, Steel Eagle offers some unique hose reels with processes in mind. Every reel that Steel Eagle produces features hi-temp and high-pressure materials – working with temperatures up to 325°F and pressures up to 4000 PSI! But they also have them set up for use in different positions, in different wash process. The Steel Eagles KSE-1001-SW is built with soft wash operations in mind, built to withstand higher concentrations of bleach with an all-stainless-steel construction. Both electric versions like the Steel Eagle S18-18E and manual hand crank reels like the Steel Eagle S18-12H offer options to customize your hose reel set-up!



Reels is what Coxreels specializes in. They’re not a pressure washing or accessories company that just happens to make hose reels. It’s their primary focus. This means that you’ll find the heartiest, most advanced hose reels from this American-made company, like the motor-drive Coxreels 1125-4-325-E or Coxreels 1125-4-200-E, offering 325 feet and 200 feet of storage respectively. With over 90 years of reel experience, Coxreels is still family-run by the Cox family. The company uses innovative engineering and advanced in-house design coupled with CNC machinery with robotic welding to make some of the most trusted reels. With unique features and proprietary technologies, these reels are sued across a number of industries including agricultural, pressure wash, aviation, food and chemical, welding, and so much more!

Get the best hose reels for your car wash or pressure wash needs, at the lowest prices, right here at Kleen-Rite! Our team can help you find the right reel and accessories for the perfect set-up!