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Pressure Washer Hose

Looking for a new pressure washer hose, look no further! We carry top brands you trust. Plus, we carry our own Kleen-Rite branded hoses too! Our hoses are just as reliable and durable as the big names. When ordering Kleen-Rite brand hose you choose the length, diameter connections, and color. Make sure to choose a hose rated to match the maximum pressure produced by the pressure washer you are using. Also, don’t forget to make sure the connections are compatible too!

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Pressure Washer Replacement Hose Considerations

When purchasing a replacement hose for a pressure washer there are a few things to consider which will ensure you get the right hose for the specifications of your machine.


  • Maneuverability: Longer hoses offer more reach but are cumbersome to handle.
  • Pressure vs. Flow Rate: Diameter has an inverse relationship to pressure and flow rate. A wider diameter allows for more flow but slightly lower pressure. Where a smaller diameter means higher pressure but a lower flow rate.
  • Pressure Drop: The longer the hose, the farther water must travel to reach its destination. As the length from the pressure washer increases, the water will lose pressure and won’t spray as far either.


  • PVC: Affordable, lightweight, and kink-resistant, but is less durable and will get stiff in cold weather.
  • Rubber: More durable and flexible than PVC, especially in cold weather. However, it is heavier and more expensive though.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): Excellent flexibility and durability even in extreme temperatures, but most expensive.

Additional Considerations

  • Burst Pressure: Choose a hose with a burst pressure exceeding your pressure washer's maximum PSI to ensure safety.
  • Working Temperature: Ensure the hose is rated for hot water use if you intend on using it for this application.
  • Fittings: Ensure compatibility between hose connections and your pressure washer (M22, M14 common types).