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CAT Pumps for Car Washes and Pressure Washing

The CAT Pumps brand has been around since the late 60s, focusing on high-quality pump designs that offer industry-standard performance, superior reliability, and incredible longevity. CAT calls their products “the pumps with nine lives,” and they live up to that reputation decade after decade. That’s why they’re such an important partner of Kleen-Rite – we share the same values!

CAT produces a variety of pump types like plunger, piston, and centrifugal pumps. They are powerful and efficient enough to serve tough industries like car washing, pressure washing, and other high-pressure cleaning applications. Plus, their pumps are user-friendly and easy to maintain, so keeping up with routine maintenance like seal replacement and lubrication is a breeze. Trust CAT Pumps for your most demanding applications!

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