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Car Wash Rollers for Tunnel Conveyors

Conveyor rollers are wheel-like components attached to the chain in a conveyor system found in a tunnel car wash. The wheels, typically made of a very hard, durable plastic, are connected to a rigid shaft made of strong metal. The roller assembly is placed behind the car wheel, and the rigid shaft provides enough resistance to push the car along. The wheels allow the tire to spin, allowing the car to move along smoothly and naturally through your tunnel.

We carry replacement rollers for popular conveyors like Belanger, Ryko, Hanna, Motor City, and more! We also offer replacement idler and pusher wheels if yours have become worn or damaged but the shaft is still intact. What often occurs is flat spots on the wheels, prohibiting proper rotation and affecting the smooth movement of vehicles. Keep spare assemblies on hand in case of a significant issue, as well as replacement wheels if you need to replace one quickly.

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