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Simoniz Powder Car Wash Detergent

We stock a complete line of Simoniz car wash powders covering all types of applications including car washing, truck wash  and power wash industries. Simoniz powders clean very well, while at the same time are very economical by being less expensive to ship and handle at your location.  Many car wash and truck wash locations rely on the Simoniz powder chemicals soaps everyday to clean many vehicles.  Simoniz powdered car wash detergents can be used for both friction and frictionless cleaning.  In addition powders are a great choice for friction full serve tunnel conveyors as high pressure prep gun presoak.  Many fleet, rail, bus wash, and car dealerships also use Simoniz powders in their operation to help reduce cost and handling of washing chemicals, some of these types of applications cannot handle the weight and storage of liquid chemicals at their facilities.  Powdered soaps are much easier to store and handle while at the same time provide the needed cleaning power.