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Bomb Air Fresheners Vending Machine Decals and Overlays

Your Bomb Air Fresheners are not going to sell themselves! Especially in vending machines the customer cannot see inside. Show customers what is for sale in your vendors with these decals. They are used to advertise the fragrance of the air freshener, the price, and places your customers can put them.

Have multiple styles of vending machines? Look no further! Whether you have single, triple, or five column vendors, we have an overlay that will fit your machine. Looking for a decal to match a specific scent, we carry one for each Bomb Air Freshener scent made.

Decals are printed on a high-quality material with a peel and stick backing so you can install them in seconds. Each design features a unique color that matches the color of the correlated scent so customers can easily recognize each aroma. Bold text is easy for customers to read even at a distance. Better yet, they are free if you need a replacement for one that is worn or fading. When you replace a worn decal it shows you take car of your wash leading to customer confidence in your ability to deliver a clean car.