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Bomb Air Fresheners Brand

Bomb Air Fresheners blast refreshing scents to mask unpleasant odors inside vehicles, homes, offices, and even stinky gym bags! Choose from invigorating scents such as Ice, Cherry, NuCar, Nilla, Colada, Berry, Cinna, Citrus, Pine, Jasmine Bomb and more. If unopened, you can keep them for up to two years if they are stored in a cool dry place. Once they are opened, they emit a fresh scent for about two to three weeks. These premium air fresheners are attached to an elastic string so you can hang them where you please.

For vending machines, you want to consider a case containing 24 or 72 individually carded fresheners. If you know customers quickly deplete the stock of specific scents in your vending machines, a case of 1000 will last you longer and is more economical. The case of 1000 also makes a great product to giveaway due to its pricing. You can also add fresheners to your vendors that are shaped life perfume containers or ones with attractive models on them. Don’t forget to add a decal to your vending machines so your customers know these popular air fresheners are inside.

Bomb Air Fresheners is a division of Flower Manufacturing, LLC. and is located in Fremont, Ohio. This division was formed in 2002 to scoop up a share of the growing car care market.

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