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Jet Pumps

Jet pumps from Goulds are robust and compact, ideal for delivering and boosting the pressure of water and other liquids in a variety of applications.

Jet pumps work by creating suction, drawing water from a hard-to-reach, deeper sources that may be necessary depending on where your wash is. Jet pumps use an impeller to move water through a narrow orifice – a jet – in a housing at the front of the impeller. This then creates a partial vacuum that helps to suck additional water from the well, which combines with drive water do push into the discharge plumbing system at a high pressure, which continues the siphon effect.

Goulds offers shallow well – down to 25 feet – jet pumps, deep well jet pumps, and convertible jet pumps that can work at a wide range of depths. Find the right one for your system, and make sure you are getting great pressure from your well-fed water system!


Goulds well pumps benefit from extensive engineering. If you're considering a Goulds well pump such as the popular J5S shallow well jet pump, these insightful documents may be of some use: