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Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps deliver a certain degree of quality and reliability which make them highly attractive for personal and commercial use. The first Gould pumps were crafted from wood in the early 1840’s, with the company known then as Downs & Co. Manufacturing. Come 1849, the first pump made from entirely metal components was developed.

It’s been a strong, steady rise ever since with everything from Goulds water pumps to Goulds booster pumps making their way into the ITT Goulds Pumps product line. As you might expect, such a lengthy history means plenty of chances for innovation. The various pumps you’ll find while perusing our Goulds Pumps Company product pages will feature cutting edge technologies, a range of specifications, and other traits designed to improve performance and usability.

As a Goulds Pumps distributor, we’re here to help pair you with the exact Goulds pump you want and need. Our product pages offer helpful insight and specifications. We have each Goulds Pump product ready and waiting for you too, from water pumps to jet pumps to centrifugal pumps. If you get stuck, merely drop a question on the product page or reach out to our helpful, accommodating support staff!

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Popular Series from Goulds Pumps

We have pump options from the most popular Goulds series, designed for a variety of applications. Once you figure out the series that matches the type of pump you're looking for, check the individual specifications to find the exact model you need!

  • NPE Series
  • GB Series
  • LB Series
  • J5S Series
  • E-HM Series
  • MCS Series
  • S-Group