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Goulds Booster Pumps

A Goulds booster pump can improve efficiency of the water circulation process at your car wash. If you find your wash is suffering from low flow to your equipment, the right booster pump will make a world of difference. At its core, a Goulds booster pump is designed to provide extra flow and pressure to help usher water along as it moves out from a major source such as a municipal or city water distribution center. As you might expect, there are different types of booster pumps with varying levels of power, various application purposes, and more.

Goulds Pumps has been developing booster pumps, along with many other pumps, since the 1800's. The brand has developed their reputation around durability and effectiveness. So, as you check out the many Goulds booster pumps we have on offer, know you'll be getting a certain degree of quality regardless of your choice.

Questions will likely arise throughout your search, though. As they do, you can drop your question onto a product page or reach out directly to get in touch with one of our support staff members. In no time at all, you'll have the right Gould booster pump for your car wash!


Goulds GB Series Booster Pumps

Certain Goulds booster pumps such as the GB Series have become favorites amongst car wash owners and anyone else dealing with an intricate water circulation system. There's a lot to learn about the GB Series if you're considering one of these pumps. Use the following resources to garner insights:

  • Goulds Booster Pumps GB Series Brochure
  • Goulds Booster Pumps GB Series Manual