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Asco Solenoid Valves for Car Washes and Solenoid Repair Parts

ASCO solenoid valves are the most reliable solenoid valves for the car wash industry!  ASCO solenoid valves control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. in a variety of systems at your car wash. All ASCO Solenoid Valves are designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.

The ASCO Red Hat line of solenoid valves offers a wide selection of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves. These are available both in normally closed and normally open operation. The compact ASCO S Series Solenoid Valve line features compact units for 2 way and 4 way as well as steam valve solutions. DIN connections make wiring super easy! 

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