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Custom Printed Towels

There is power in building your unique brand - it is the creative part of growing your business! Utilizing every tool available to you to build that brand and interact with your customers, even when you’re not there, is important. Your drying and vending towels can be an integral part of your marketing plan, and can be great for building your brand. Doctor Joe can print your logo, name, and/or your unique message on a high-quality microfiber towel.


Custom Printed Repeating Black Logo

Custom Vending Towel Black Print

Smart, clean, and crisp, these towels are printed with your logo in a single color, against the color background of your choice! Using the process of inkjet sublimation, we dye your text and images in your chosen color on a special dual-surface microfiber towel. The printed side of the towel is as soft as the towel itself.

These types of towels are great for the budget-minded car wash looking to get a marketing leg up. Use them in:

  • Vending sales
  • Towel replacement/customer loyalty programs
  • Full service drying
  • Giveaways and membership packages

These towels offer great quality with a relatively low price point. They’re not much more expensive than plain towels – but they come with a marketing push built in!

Custom Vend Towel Packaging

Custom Vending Towel Packaging

Every towel you sell can sell your wash! Don’t just sell blank, mundane towels – make sure your customers remember where they got their great towel from! Something as simple as placing your logo, name, and message on a towel’s package connects you to your customers.

With a QR code and your logo on the packaging, these are perfect for the self-serve crowd. No attendants required – these vend straight from a single-column, three-column, or corkscrew drop vender with ease! Use QR codes to point your customers in the right direction to continue interaction with your wash. This could include:

  • Downloading a custom app for your wash
  • Subscribing to a mailing list
  • Directing a customer to your wash's website or social media page
  • ...and more!

The best part is, you can combine this packaging with either of the other two custom towel option!

Custom Full-Color Single Centered Logo

Custom Vending Towel Full Color

Put your brand front and center with this new towel idea! Bright and brilliant towels with full-color logos printed big and bold in the center of the towel, these are perfect for full-service washes, giveaways, and more!

The newest addition to our custom towel line, these colorful towels provide for instant brand recognition thanks to the combination of:

  • Multiple colors that can match your company's color scheme
  • A single clear, extra-large logo
  • Thick, plush microfiber towels

Beyond just marketing your wash, they offer a sense of prestige and show. It’s not just a plain towel, it’s not single color – it’s a bold display, and it signals that you have a firm brand that customers can buy into!

Custom Printed Labels

Towel labels are a great place to put a message for your customers as well – and here at Kleen-Rite, custom label printing is always free!

Label messaging can range from directing your customers towards a wash plan, to offering a simple message like “Thanks for using our wash!” or “Please remember to return this towel!” Use your imagination – connect with your customers and give your brand a voice.

These labels are also a great spot to place a QR code that can do the same thing as a code on vending packaging – from downloading an app, to joining your wash club, to sending them to your web page or social media. It’s quick and easy, and gets your customers to make the next step on their journey to being a regular and loyal customer!

The best part? It’s free with a full pallet order!

QR Code on a towel