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ClearView Doors

Car Wash Bay Doors – ClearView Doors by Gallop Brush Co.

ClearView Doors from Gallop are a high-quality garage and bay door option for car washes, oil change shops, detail shops, and garages. Gallop believes in keeping equipment design simple but effective, with high quality materials that offer a long lifespan. They are well respected in the car wash industry for their automatic brushes, and now bring their experience to car wash bay doors.

ClearView doors are easy to install and maintain. They’re made in the U.S.A. with a durable stainless steel frame and heavy duty Polar Vinyl with a -20 degree cold crack rating. Several color options are available and clear sections can be added so you can see in or out of the bay without lifting the door.

ClearView Door Equipment Details

  • 18”/Second 30:1 Gear Ratio
  • 3 Phase 220V Motor Powered by 110V Controller
  • 1/2 Horse Continuous Duty Brake Motor/Inbay System
ClearView Logo and Doors


  • All Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
  • VFD Control
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
  • Tunnel System
  • Colors Available
  • Polar Vinyl - 20 Degrees Cold Crack Rating
  • Wind Load Rating of 70 mph
  • External Limit Switch
  • 1 Set of Safety Eyes included
  • Corrosion Resistant Components
  • 24V Circuitry
  • NEMA 4 Rated Enclosure
  • ETL Listed
  • Door Can Function as a Standalone Unit
  • Car Wash Controller Ready
  • Controller has 3 Function Modes - Open, Close & Automatic
  • Integrated Delay Timers
  • Additional Photo Eyes Available
  • Manual Switch Operation Available
  • Break Away Design
Bay Door Control Box

Bay Door Control Box

Bay Door Buttons

Bay Door Buttons

Bay Door Motor

Bay Door Motor

Bay Door Stand

Bay Door Stand


ClearView bay doors offer a number of benefits to car washes and garages. They protect customers and employees from wind, cold temperatures, and inclement weather, keeping them comfortable and safe. If a customer is washing their car in a self-serve bay, they’ll stay longer if they’re sheltered from unpleasant conditions. For oil change and garage staff, improved conditions mean faster work, fewer breaks, and content employees. Plus, because these doors lock in heat while keeping wind out, you lower your energy consumption costs.

For car washes, doors block chemicals from spraying wildly and exiting the bay. They prevent wind from pushing water runoff astray, ensuring it flows to the correct drain. In addition, doors that open and close between wash cycles help clearly define the appropriate times for vehicles to enter and exit the bay.

Size Options

  • 10’ x 8’
  • 10' x 10'
  • 10' x 12'
  • 12' x 10'
  • 12' x 12'

Color Options

  • Black
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Green
  • Grey