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General Pump Series 100 Crankcase Oil 16 oz. Bottle

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General Pump Series 100 Oil is a premium, non-detergent 30W oil that maintains optimal performance and increases the lifespan of pumps. This is General's most commonly used oil, as it's the recommended option for many of their most popular pump models that use 25 BHP or less. Series 100 has a naturally high viscosity that can even be used at high temperatures and has anti-scuff and anti-wear agents to extend the life of pump components. This product is a single 16oz bottle of Series 100 oil.


Product Description

General Pump Oil 30W Series 100 - 16 Ounce Bottle

General Pump Series 100 Oil is a premium, non-detergent 30W pump oil with a naturally high viscosity for constant operation over wide temperature ranges. It protects against rust and oxidation, prevents sludge buildup, and vanishes formation to optimize the performance and lifespan of your pump. Series 100 is their most popular type of oil, as it's the recommended option for the majority of their pumps requiring 25 BHP or less (see the General Pump Oil Recommendations document under "Manuals" to find the oil you need).

Change your General Pump oil during the break-in period of your pump between 50 and 100 hours. After that, change oil every 3 months or 300 hours. It's a good idea to check oil level in the crankcase on a daily basis. It's important to use the appropriate oil that General recommends for your pump, not only because they're formulated to be the best option, but also because using other oils may void any current warranties.


  • Single 16-ounce (1 pint, 475ml) bottle
  • 30W (30 weight) non-detergent type
  • For use in GP pumps requiring up to 25 BHP
  • Also available in a 2.5 gallon size


  • Special anti-scuff and anti-wear agents extend the lives of gear, vane, radial piston and plunger pumps.
  • Resists foaming and aeration.
  • Highly resistant to oxidation that would result in sludge formation.
  • Resists formation of harmful oil water emulsions.
  • Compatible with typically used seals and gaskets.
  • High viscosity index (IV) means more constant operating characteristics over wide temperature ranges.
  • Low pour point assures fluid flow during cold weather operation.
  • Outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability assures long oil life.
  • Exceeds wear prevention requirements of all major hydraulic pump manufacturers.

Used With These Popular General Pumps:

  • TS2021
  • TT2028EBF
  • T9211
  • EZ3040G
  • EZ4040G
  • EZ2542E
  • T9051EBF
  • TS2011
  • TSF2021
  • TT9061EBF
  • TT9071EBF
  • T9281
  • CW2040
  • CW3040
  • HTS2016S
  • This list does not include all models that use Series 100 oil, please see General Pump Oil Recommendations document under "Manuals" on this page if your model is not listed here.

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