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Monster Hog Hair Aluminum Housing Universal Brush - Blue

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A foaming brush with a fill that is 20% more dense than other brushes to provide better cleaning action. The 4 inch hog hair bristles prevent scratches in the vehicle's paint. Housing of the brush is made with a cast aluminum head and a blue rubber bumper to prevent damage to paint.


Product Description

Dense Hog Hair Aluminum Foaming Brush - Blue

Boasting 20% more fill the Monster foam brush from Universal Brush offers more cleaning action compared to other brushes. Since there is 20% more bristles, this leads to a denser fill that provides exceptional durability that boosts the longevity of the brush. It features hog hair bristles that measure 4 inches long to deliver an extremely soft touch that won't scratch the paint on vehicles. This version has a durable cast aluminum head and a blue rubber bumper to prevent scratches if the head should accidentally hit the vehicle. It is designed with three fountain holes for generous and consistent flow to provide exceptional lubrication for the bristles.


  • Hogs hair bristles - soft scrubbing, gentle on paint and finishes
  • 4" exposed bristle length
  • 20% more bristles than standard brushes
  • Rugged cast aluminum head
  • Blue rubber bumper gasket
  • Inner rubber block holds hog hair bristles. Replacement available (#FO213HR).

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