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Kleen-Rite Kleen-Pak Ceramic Wave Hyper Concentrated Sealant - (2x) 2.5 Gallons

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Part of the Kleen-Rite Kleen-Pak line, Ceramic Wave is a hyper concentrated sealant that reduces water molecule surface area, creating water beading that effortlessly glides off vehicles. Engineered at a molecular level, it forms a seamless shield, sealing every pore of vehicle paint to protect it for weeks. Finally, it provides a brilliant shine that car wash customers desire. Ceramic Wave is sold as a two-pack of 2.5-gallon jugs of super concentrated ceramic product that is diluted at a 400-600:1 rate.


Product Description

Hyper Concentrated Ceramic Sealant

Kleen-Pak Ceramic Wave is a hyper concentrated ceramic sealant for self-serve, in-bay automatics, and express tunnel car washes. This top-tier ceramic sealant is a revolutionary solution designed to elevate the car wash experience. Crafted with precision, it delivers an unparalleled brilliance that captivates with every glance. Engineered at a molecular level, it forms a seamless shield, sealing every pore of vehicle paint to safeguard its beauty for weeks on end.

Through advanced chemistry, Ceramic Wave sealant reduces the water molecule surface area while enhancing the contact angle, resulting in mesmerizing visual beads that effortlessly glide off vehicles upon contact. Indulge in the ultimate protection and shine, setting new standards in automotive care. This Kleen-Pak product is sold as a double pack of 2.5 gallon jugs.

Ceramic Wave Details

  • Two 2.5-gallon size jugs
  • Super concentrated solution - saves space!
  • Fluorescent yellow indicator color - shows product in chemical tube, but does NOT display color in the bay
  • Cherry fragrance
  • Elevate car shine with a cutting-edge ceramic sealant
  • Formulated at a molecular level for long-lasting protection
  • Advanced chemistry creates mesmerizing water beads for drier and shinier cars

Ceramic Wave Recommended Dilution Ratio

  • 400-600:1 (app. 12-20mL per use)

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