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Mosmatic 65.119 DKZel Z-Series Heated Ceiling Boom with LED Lighting - 5' 1", 1500 PSI

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Enjoy all the advantages of a Mosmatic Z-Series Boom with the added benefits of incredible heating functionality and impressive LED lighting! The Mosmatic 65.119 Ceiling Boom is a polished stainless steel 5' 1" ceiling boom with a flexible heated cable that runs from the boom through the hose to your wand or gun. It virtually eliminates the risk of freezing without needing to weep the line. Plus, it includes LED lights that turn red when the boom is heated and provide visual cues to the wash cycle. 4000 PSI, 14' long 3/8" hose, smooth 360° rotation.


Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 1500
Outlet Port: 3/8 inch
Voltage DC: 24
Max Temperature: 140 degrees F

Product Description

5' 1" Heated Car Wash Ceiling Boom with LED Lighting

The Mosmatic 65.119 Heated Ceiling Boom is a modified version of their 5' 1" Z-Series Boom with the added functionality of heat and LED lighting. This boom virtually eliminates the risk of freezing water or fluid chemicals! A flexible heating cable extends from the boom and through the hose the whole way to the wand or gun. It's an excellent option for the winter or washes in cold climates, protecting your equipment without needing to weep your lines. This boom can be easily integrated into your system without additional construction - you'll only need to add a power connection if you don't already have one.

Don't forget the amazing LED lighting! This highly visible colorful lighting adds an amazing visual element to your self-serve bays, grabbing attention from passing cars and brightening up your property. The LEDs are linked to a thermostat and automatically turn red when the boom is heated. They also provide visual cues to wash cycles. With the helpful heating technology and the marketing potential of the LED lighting, this new boom will be an amazing addition to your bays!

Mosmatic 65.119 Heated Z-Series Boom Details

  • Heating cable from boom to your wand or gun - virtually eliminates the risk of freezing fluid
  • Bright, colorful LED lighting that turns red when boom is heated and visualizes wash cycles
  • Includes 14' high-pressure 3/8" hose
  • 360° smooth rotation
  • Excellent cold weather/winter-proofing solution that provides an alternative to weeping
  • 5' 1" length boom
  • Polished stainless steel construction
  • Rated to 1500 PSI
  • 3/8" MNPT outlet
  • 24V operating voltage
  • 140° Fahrenheit maximum temperature
  • Throughput medium: water, oil, air at 3-12 pH
  • Offers the same advantages of Mosmatic Z-Series Booms with added functionality and visual effect

Avoiding Damage and Cutting Water Costs

Frozen water and liquid chemicals in booms and hoses create significant risk of expensive damage and interruptions to operations. Other water circulation systems for self-serve car wash bays rely on weeping, a continuous flow of water to prevent freezing. This requires a high availability of water and additional pumping. It also increases water and sewage fees, maintenance, and electricity costs  over the winter season. Mosmatic's patented solution allows you to avoid those headaches! In many cases, you can even entirely avoid installation and operational costs of a water circulation system.

Easy Integration to Existing Systems

This boom is effortlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure without additional construction. The only thing you might have to add is a simple electrical connection to power the heat and LEDs. For new facilities, integration is even simpler. Mosmatic's cost-efficient and sustainable solution can be integrated from the ground up, eliminating the high costs of a water circulation system from the start. It's a true revolution in winterization for self-service car wash bays!

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