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Armor All Extreme Shield Wheel and Tire Cleaner with Color Assist, 16oz - 6 Per Case

Mfr. Model #:
E303985500 / AUDWCCCLT-16-1USLT
KR Part #:
7.72 lbs
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An innovative wheel and tire cleaner that provides a visual indication contaminants are leaving surfaces. Its pH-neutral formula is even safe for painted surfaces. Each case contains 6 bottles that each hold 16 ounces of product.


Product Description

Armor All Wheel and Tire Cleaner with Color Changing Action

Cleaning wheels and tires has never been more enjoyable. With Armor All Extreme Shield Wheel and Tire Cleaner, you can watch embedded brake dust and dirt emerge from the surface of your wheels and tires. As the chemicals react with iron, it will turn the liquid purple thanks to Armor All's Color-Assist Technology. When customers see the color change they can visually verify that contaminants have been removed. Plus, they will have confidence the product worked as advertised. Last, but certainly not least, this amazing product is easy for anyone to use.


  • Color Assist Technology - changes purple as it reacts with iron particles
  • Loosens dirt and grime leaving it easy to rinse off
  • Safe for all surfaces - even paint!
  • Extracts iron and other contaminants from surfaces
  • Acid-free, pH-neutral formula


  • Manufacturer: Armor All
  • UPC: 20070612491866
  • Product: Extreme Shield Wheel and Tire Cleaner with Color Assist
  • Individual Bottle Size: 16oz.
  • Number of Bottles Per Case: 6


  • Shake well
  • Completely saturate the wheel and tire
  • Clean one wheel and tire at a time
  • Allow product to dwell for 2-4 minutes
  • Iron turns purple as it reacts with the color-assist technology
  • Scrub using a wheel and tire brush
  • Thoroughly rinse
  • Dry with a clean microfiber towel to prevent water spots

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