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Arimitsu 30103 OEM Pump Oil, 32 Oz. Bottle

Mfr. Model #:
30125 / A8037
KR Part #:
1.90 lbs
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This Arimitsu pump oil is an ISO 100 premium oil usable for a wide range of temperatures. This is the specially blended oil that Arimitsu recommends for all their pumps to get the best performance and maintain any warranties on your unit. It's sold in a 32-ounce bottle. Regularly drain and replace oil every 500 hours and closely monitor oil levels and color in between planned service.


Product Description

Arimitsu Pump Oil 32oz Bottle

This oil is formulated for use in the full range of Arimitsu pumps. This OEM oil is a premium ISO 100 lubricant with a natural viscosity for constant operation over a wide temperature range. OEM oil provides the lubrication that is perfect for your specific pump. Keep your pump performing at peak performance and increase its lifespan while making sure you don't void any current warranties!


  • 32 oz. Bottle
  • ISO100 Premium
  • For use with all models of Arimitsu pumps

How Often Should Arimitsu Pump Oil Be Changed?

Arimitsu recommends that oil be changed every 500 hours that your pump is used. Of course, you should also consistently be checking that the oil level is within the normal range in between your planned services. Plus, if you immediately notice that oil is black and thicker than fresh oil, maybe even sludgy, that is a sign that you should immediately change the oil. This is usually seen in pumps where oil has been added but never drained, or when oil is overheated and burned.

What Else is Your Oil Telling You?

If you see sparkling metal particles in your oil, it's a sign that your pump is failing. When you drain your oil, pay attention to the color. This is an important point to remember when changing oil to diagnose issues or recognize that you need to replace your pump.

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